Trending watches for men and women for 2021

Forget functionality, watches are not just telling time these days they are a big fashion statement attached to a wrist making a major enhancement to any wardrobe. A watch says a lot about you and your status!

There is nothing quite like wearing a quality wrist watch. There have been and are watches that are powered differently, like the self-winding, battery, digital, kinetic, light powered etc. The variety of watches that are found in the market are mind boggling, coming with new designs and multiple features watches are no longer a necessity, but has become a trending fashion accessory.

Now-a-days everybody wants a watch that goes well with the occasion, vibe and the dressing of the day to add a classic and stylish enhancement to their look.

Let’s take a look at some trending wrist watches that can surely fulfill your fashion requirements.

Minimalist watches for men and women

Minimalist watches give an aesthetic dimension to time telling. Gives you a minimalist look without sacrificing with style, Sophisticated with a casual style. Minimalist watches contain value and style even after decade of purchase. You can wear minimalist watch almost anywhere, for office and semi-formal social gatherings, for holidays or a casual day out etc.

For men

For women

Smart watches for men and women

With the advancement of technology in today’s world smart watches have become a blessing for people. So if you are looking to have the world at your fingertips a smart watch is the new essential and a fashionable accessory. You can style a smart watch for gym, trekking trip, office, social gatherings and what not, a smart watch is the perfect saviour.

For men and women

Analog watches

Analog time pieces are highly traditional. Analog watches can be found in a plethora of prices and styles. Best suits the people who love classic accessories. Analog timepieces are ideal for elegant events that needs formal appearance and dress and goes well for party look too.

For men
For women

No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, choosing a time piece that appeals to you is easy when you use the internet to narrow your selections. You can expand your horizons in style by choosing something that’s new and different from your usual look.