Traditional Jewellery Of Uttarakhand

Ornaments reflect social status that embraces married women’s complete attire. Some of them is believed to be symbol of married state and holds tremendous social significance in married women’s life.

  1. Hansuli– Hansuli, additionally known by the name of ‘Khagwali’. It is worn around neck. The gold Hansuli was bought by rich people and those who cannot afford gold went for silver. The beautiful set was preferred during festivals and wedding functions by married women.
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2. Galobandh–Galobandh also known as ‘Galabandh’. As the name suggests it is tied around the neck. It is designed on a maroon, red or a blue band with golden squareshaped jewellery pieces that is beautifully arranged on it. Even today, we may find craze for golaband  in Uttarakhand women.

3. Baluq- Baluq is a nose ornament, worn at the nasal septum. The piece has a deep intricate design. The other version of baluq is bisar. The only difference between baluq and former is that bisar had an additional layer of latkan with small golden pearls rooted to entire layer. 

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4. Nathuli- Nathuli also known as Nath is a nose ring in a ring shaped. The Nath made of gold holds religious significance as well as increases the allure charm in the women wearing it.

Nowadays, craze for nath can be seen in not just in pahari brides but it has fascinated to a lot extent even in non-pahari brides.The weight of nath and the pearls studded in it indicates the status of bride’s family . This beautiful ornament is worn at wedding functions and religious ceremonies in the family. This gorgeous chunk gives us beautiful glimpse of rich heritage of Uttarakhand.

5. Kamarbandh– Kamarbandh is worn around the waistline by the women of different communities of Uttarakhand. There are two types of Kamarbandh one is made of cloth and the other one is made of silver

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6. Pahunchi- It is basically gold bangles. Pahuchi is yet trending even in recent times. It is usually made with 1tola or more depends upon the family’s status. Pahuchi is usually designed in red fabric and over it gold pearl is studded over it. This is preferred by hitched ladies at family occasions

7. Pauje– It is basically an anklet that is made out of silver. The design is slightly different than payal as in payal that structure can be either in plain single design or in complicate cross link structure whereas in pauje it has lot ghunghroos in it.

8. Bichhuwa- Bichhuwas are basically toe rings and is considered to be significant for married women to wear it. It is made of silver and  one can easily find many designs in bichhuwa  either in modern or traditional design

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