Top 5 Outfits by Megha Seehra:

In the era of modernisation, our society is filled with modern thinking, modern people and their ideology. And to connect with such people we have a huge base of social media like Instagram. The change we all are coming across is a part of evolution that both people and influencers like Megha Seehra on social media experience.

Influencers play a huge role in our lives, they act as mentors to lead a life on better terms. Just the way Megha Seehra has magnificently presented her content of fashion.

There is no one like her to create a moody and artistic style with basic outfits and turning them into an extraordinary look.

For amazing inspiration, let’s head towards her top outfits that you can try from your wardrobe. 

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Outfit 1:

Two Layered Shirt With pants:

Having a shirt in our closet is something basic that we all have. Sometimes the basics just need a little bit of twist or creativity to give an extraordinary look. 

Just carry two shirts, wear the sleeves from both shirts. Button them from both ends, bring the extra sleeves on the front sides and tuck them inside your pants through button loops of your shirt. (as shown in the post)

Outfit 2:

Team your scarf with shirt:

If you want to look effortlessly classic then get a shirt with a silk scarf. Then, take one corner of the scarf, wear it around your neck, put it through your button, and tie a knot.

Then take another side of your scarf and pass it through your buttons, you can tie them all or just tie 3 to 4 buttons. then simply take a belt and wear it around your waist.

A simple and cool hack can enhance your overall look. (as shown in the video followed by link)

Outfit 3:

Linen trousers with multiple Top wears:

Carry your linen pants with sleeveless linen shirts ( matching the contrast of pants).

Then you can carry them with a classic jacket/coat for winter purposes.

The best way to stay relaxed with your outfit is to carry them with a loose t-shirt and tuck them a bit into your pants. (as shown in the post).

Outfit/ Hack 4:

Jewellery hack

Your outfit is incomplete with a layer of accessories on it. So learning hacks about only outfits won’t help you throughout. You need to learn a little more about your basic jewellery. If you have a pulchritudinous ring but it’s loose, then take a rubber band, insert it in your ring and put your finger into it. Enjoy the simple hack.

Outfit 5:

Scarf as a hair accessory:

Usually, scarfs are tied around the neck but we can elevate our overall look by wearing them in your hair like accessories. Roll your scarf. Insert a rubber band in between and tie a knot. Make a bow (as shown in the video) then wear it with a rubber band attached to it.

Conclusion :

Fashion hacks are to elevate our overall look. Skin wrap helps their readers/ viewers to come across the best stylists or bloggers with their work.

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Image courtesy: @meghaseehra

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