Tara Sutaria in her Dior Bikini

Bollywood never holds back when it comes to fashion, it feels like fashion and Bollywood celebrities go hand in hand. From polka dot to striped beachwear or be it hot lingerie. You name it and our actresses are slain in it. Recently, Tara Sutaria, an Indian Actress who has a strong back from Karan johar’s movies like the student of the year 2 is just breaking the internet with her Dior bikini. Seeing yourself in a hot bikini is just every other girl’s fantasy, but when worn by any celebrity, we see them in a totally different light. 

Tara has paired her seductive look with the blue denim which is just vibing with her gaze. Moreover, her sopping, tangled hair is just adding a layer of femme fatale in it. If you are facing difficulty in taking your eyes off then it’s totally fair because she single-handedly creates that vibe in her sweet way.

That’s not enough for the day, Lately, Tara has filled social media with her Bobbi Brown India lipstick look.

Her look is creating a new gauge for all the millennials to try at least this gape at their home. Makeup does not only add a layer to your beauty but it adds confidence, urbanity and it gives the complete outlook. The contrast of eyes and lips against your skin tone can be the major factor of makeup effects.

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