Kriti Sanon and her MI-MI-NIS

Kriti Sanon’s impeccable acting along with her styling has always been successful in grabbing the eyeballs of her fans. Recently released MiMi, her new movie is stockpiling appreciation from everyone. Kriti has been on her promotional days for Mimi, Her stunning styles created by sukriti Grover was a big fashion game. The best part is Kriti is acing in all her outfits, Listed below are her best outfits in the movie and in her promotional days:

Fuscia mini in Blue monsoons

Her most discussed dress price which is 1400$ i.e approximately 1 lakh rupees is designed by a Alex Perry. The small-town actress is just winning the cookies with her outrageous blue eyeliner. Her eye-popping power shoulders along with her rainbow toned strap heels were enhancing her overall look.

Brown Strap mini corset

Kriti’s inducing binge corset from House of CB is increasing the temperature of everyone’s phone screen with her sensuous look. Her style of experimenting with colours and patterns is more than ever now. Her plethora of fashion sense is helping all of us to improve our wardrobe.

Lime Mini

And here she is shining out in her lime mini, pairing it with high heels

Mimi is out on Netflix and is an important film of our times dealing with surrogate mothers. Bravo Kriti Sanon, and hoping for more such scripts in future.

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