Flair Your Outfits- With Coats

Hello winters

With winter just around the corner, we all love to stock winter cloths and winter is although considered to give bold fashionable statement. Especially, coats acquire high attention. Whether it’s for casual  outing ,  a formal meeting or an evening outdoors.

And investing a good amount on coats is totally worth. How much to spend? Buy the best you can afford. Jasmine from San Francisco says,” First really good thing I ever bought for myself was a Sanyo covert cloth coat from a high-end store in Chicago, Kept it for 35 years.  Looked about as good the day it left me as the day I bought it. Some of the best money I ever spent. I bought it when I was a poor student. No matter what I wore under it, I looked great”.

So, it’s really needed not to be expensive & doesn’t have to be spending lots of bucks’ .Buy the best you can afford. And trust me. You don’t want to skimp on a coat when it’s really cold. You’ll regret it.

Coats give impactful impression to your personality

Overcoats – And then there is this jacket for places with snow and cold and chilly nights. Stylist yet cozy, overcoats have now become every person’s favorite winter wardrobe essential.

I would say this is an unlined wool wrap coat, yet lightweight enough to have some drape.

Trench coats are belted coats with a longer cut Wrap and a fabric belt tied at waist for giving a flattering fit. Pairing it with heels would add elegance to your style

Pea coats have a shorter cut to allow movement easily. The fabric is thicker compared to other coats. For snowy days, pea coats can be comfy and cozy both. It can be preferred more for formal wear

Cape coat-   For a stylish statement, cape coat is a big yes. Through medieval times and still very much popular till today. The femine style with arm less design and creating a bell shaped silhouette look. Remember to wear it with warmth long sleeve underneath

You can experiment coats with bright colors such as  red, yellow ,green for fun in snowy time and for shuttle and sophisticated look try it with colors like camel, beige , smoky blue, neutral green or with black

It is very imp to Focus on the type of coat you are looking for. Note what looks best on your body type and coloring

It also depends on the length of the dress. When wearing short dresses, using a longer coat will add more elegance to the entire outfit, It also helps to create an image that the person took effort to dress up, without having to try so hard.

However, if the dress you are wearing is long, using an even longer coat will make the outfit look less appealing, and may even hide your amazing body silhouette.

But then again, it depends on your personal preference! I believe there are a lot of ways to style dresses and coats, and we will never know what the trend will be like.