Defining Fashion

Fashion in true sense dictates the trending or popular theme going on. Sense of fashion holds a great importance as even before you speak, or even before the gesture you make, your attire has already made an impression.

It is a kind of approach and way of presenting yourself. The term fashion is not just limited to outfits, it has a vast definition even in the domain of footwear, jewellery, hairstyle, make up,handbags and lot more. To be more precise anything that you wrap over your skin comes in the aligning of fashion.

Fashion gives a glimpse of ones personality, it shows the choice you make, the kind of person you are and shows the world what you stand for. Thereby fashion has a much dominant impact world wide. Be it a Mayor or any President of a country or an employee of an organization or a student or for a bride for her wedding event. The preference of their outfit is definitely going to vary according to their respective scenario or the event they will be presenting themself but their outfits they choose is going to be impactful.

  1. Occasion -Fashion Designers need to know the kind of occasion ,they will be creating the fabric. Designing for a wedding ceremony or a glamorous event or to a formal affair, the fabric, print and pattern is going to create a huge difference.Therefore the know how of occasion is needed.
  2. Season- Another important segment is the fabric designed according to season. The clothes you wear, is highly influenced by the seasons, may it be thick fabric for fall-winter or fabric like cotton, linen for spring-summer that can soak sweat and let air flow through it.
  3. Choice & Preference – The wrong choice of fabric can be big disappointment. Deciding the right kind of fabric for designing garment is a primary key. Every individual has its own preference of color and pattern for fabric and designer should keep every minute detail regarding it.
  4. Comfort – The way the fabric will feel against your skin, how it will drape against your body and after all how durable it is going to be. Thereby, Comfort is also considered prime factor in designing fabric.
  5. Fitting – It is very important to pay close attention to construction details. One of the main goal of designing is to get the perfect fit. No matter how stunning the garment is or how fine the fabric is,improper fit leads to customer dissatisfaction and leads to buying decision of customers.

Rightly said, Fashion helps you to express yourself, to reveal your personality in a pleasant and in a unique way. Through colors, materials and garments you can show to the world who you are as a person.

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