Bikini as per Body Shape

Slobbing around Goa or any other beach destination? Let’s have some relief from the hot summer and dip in the cool water! But stepping into the water requires some sexy lingerie or swimsuit. 

We all want to flaunt our bodies when opportunities like these knock on the door by selecting the best bikini. Here are the top picks of bikinis or swimsuits to browse for you.

Strapless Bikini

This kind of bikini is most preferential as swimwear. In bewakoofiyaan Sonam Kapoor turned the heads of many by wearing a sensuous bikini. Wearing a bikini needs a lot of confidence. It will gleam out perfectly on your body if you are positive about your body.

Multi String Bikini

The name suggests the style of bikini, though it is a traditional type of bikini but can be worn in a modern way. It gives you the look of a halter neck with multiple straps rather than ending up like two normal straps. A sexy girl and a sultry bikini are all you need to enjoy any pool or beach party.

String Bikini

If you are honoured with a slender rectangular body shape. Then weaning a revealing bikini can heat the aura a little bit, flattering all your curves from bust to waist. Halter or tank top can also give a staggering look to you.

Flounce Bikini

Adjusting into a triangle body shape? Struggling with the shape of a bikini or swimsuit to choose among many? Well, it’s not that a tedious task to decide. Naturally, with such body shapes, your upper part is a bit heavy as compared to bottom wear. These can be considered as a sign of having an athletic body. The ruffled top with low-waist garments will give you a ravishing appearance. 

Fringe Bikini

This type of bikini has fringes attached to the upper bandeau to make your complete swimwear hot as well as elegant. Bikinis for hourglass body shapes are tough to find but it is worth working hard when you finally get the desired type of bikini as per your body. Now, the question arises how to finger out whether you have such a body shape or not? If your bust and hips are adequately proportioned, and you have a smaller mid-section then there are chances you have an hourglass body. The surprise element is that you have the perfect body shape for a high waist bikini.

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