Bang on Hairstyles for 2021

What is the bang on trend for 2021? We all want to leave 2020 behind. So, lets give it a fresh look by hitting on these hairstyles. Take a look on whats trending this year.

Heavy side fringes – Having fringes is one of the popular hairstyle. It gives lot of textures to your hair. A slightly textured flowing and that won’t overwhelm the face. It is something totally wearable. You can wear it little longer and can tuck it behind your hair and little shorter hair can sit straight on your glasses and that looks super cool.

Blunt Bob – One of the beauty of this hairstyle is it can be worn at many lengths. Last year grown up bob was much popular, this year we are gonna talk about blunt bob. The shorter slicks as it quite manageable and the precise cut gives more linear look to face structure.

Layered Hairstyle for short Thick Hair – Layering has been in trend from recent years as we don’t see trend going away ant soon. Layers bring volume, giving it more of denser look. The weighy stag gives you more younger and raw look. Layered tresses will always give stylish appearance for any ready to go out look. Combining soft waves with highlight will be super cool choice.

Long Beach Waves – This haircut look effortlessly beautiful in all women regardless of face shape,age and hair structure. It completely gives the mermaid look and all women’s dream of this hairstyle. You can also opt for side bangs, Long beach waves gives a dramatic textured look and it is also a subtle option if you have a thicker hair.

Shag Hairstyle – One of the the multilayered glamours hairstyle is Shag hairstyle. It can be worn in both long and short lengths. If you want to opt for shorter length, you can get it below jaw length or you can also opt for length just below the collar bone, giving your hair texture more defined look. It looks totally sassy and looks flattering in all face shape.

So, bring back the bouncy hair this year by picking up these hairstyles and give the year your major hair goals.

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